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    • 99.9% antibacterial mop, Use fiber antibacterial flexible material, protect family health.
    • Increase the pressure to wipe the floor.
    • 250ML smart water tank, Spray water evenly.
    • 2700PA cyclone strong suction.
    • Intelligent planning, automatic establishment of room area.
    • 3200mAH battery, 110 minutes of long work.
    • Brand new cleaning brush.Hexagonal side cleaning brush, 0.1mm microfiber main brush.
    • 8.1cm height, can clean sofa and bed bottom.

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2C hongkong shipping

    • 4000Pa powerful suction fan blower Effective cleaning in one pass
    • Intelligent path planning Zigzag cleaning path for increased efficiency
    • Voice notifications Stay informed in real time Easily track cleaning progress
    • Combination of multiple sensors Adaptable to complex environments
    • Smart water tank Adaptable even water discharge
    • Control via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app Cleaning at your fingertips Control from anywhere

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

    • 4000Pa powerful suction fan blower Vacuum all kinds of dirt
    • Zigzag and Y-shape cleaning routes Significantly improves cleaning efficiency
    • Multiple sensors Recognise complex surrounding
    • Smart water tank Protect floors from water damage
    • Connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app Clean mode customization

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

    • Thorough vacuuming 4000Pa Powerful suction fan blower
    • Effective mopping Pressure mopping with constant moisture
    • Smart control Support customised cleaning patterns
    • Fewer collisions 3D obstacle avoidance
    • Precise navigation LDS laser navigation system

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

    • The dual-channel dust collection design of the base with its powerful 17000Pa suction empties the dustbin instantly. The built-in dust bag can collect and empty dust 60+ times, and it seals automatically when you pick it up, so you don't get covered yourself or your surroundings in dust.
    • The new-generation LDS laser navigation technology accurately scans your home environment and between breaks maps the actual layout of your home. Not afraid of the dark, it can still navigate accurately in the dark and slows down when it comes across obstacles.
    • Equipped with 4000Pa suction power, the strong, continuous super suction excellently cleans floors of dust and pet hair.
    • Equipped with a 200ml* electronically controlled water tank that allows for 80 minutes* of mopping, the water tank evenly distributes water without leakage and supports three levels of water flow control to thoroughly clean floors throughout the home.
    • The large built-in 5200mAh battery can clean for over 180 minutes* in standard mode, so even large homes aren't a problem.
    • Once the map has been built, a sensible cleaning plan can be created according to the floor plan, with cleaning time, setting, area and frequency all able to be set.
    • During the cleaning process, it automatically predicts drops, making cleaning tasks more efficient, safe and worry-free.

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

    • Automatic pad washing Rotary scraping for superior results
    • Dual air duct automatic dust collection All waste goes into one bag to keep hands clean
    • 2-hour quick hot air drying* For fresh pads, no need to dry
    • Auto refill ensures consistent moisture level Remove stubborn stains, deeply clean floors
    • S-Mopping assistant™ The intelligent aid for linked refill management

    Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+