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    • This is the update to our award-winning Mini Backpack for the NEW Nest Mini 2nd Gen (holiday 2019 release). If you need the original Google Home Mini 1st Gen model, see the link below.
    • Visibility and sound is improved – see and speak to your voice assistant from anywhere in the room!
    • Mount Genie uses a patented custom plug with a “dummy ground” for strength, that attaches to The Mini Backpack and holds your Nest Mini tightly in place in every possible outlet configuration with the least clutter. The best wall mount! Even works on ceiling outlets!
    • The Mini Backpack by Mount Genie installs in seconds and works with VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL outlets and does not block the second plug. The compact design allows for easy movement from room to room and it is great to take on trips!
    • Because of the custom plug, no cord wrapping is required during installation. Requires a 3-prong outlet

    Nest Mini (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker